StoreFront & 1030 Errors

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Applications, Citrix

I’m in the process of building my StoreFront environment in preparation to migrate to XenDesktop 7. However, during some initial testing, we had several issues trying to launch applications, most of them resulting in 1030 errors. There are several links & pages around 1030 errors when trying to launch an application through StoreFront. Well, during my testing, these all ended up being relatively useless.

The layout:
2 Web Interface 5.4 servers, load balanced through a Netscaler
2 StoreFront 2.1 servers, not load balanced yet.
1 XD 5.6 farm
1 XA 6.5 farm

The internal clients currently use the WI VIP (virtual ip address) to launch published XD desktops, and the desktops launch some published apps from the XA farm. The Netscaler is also an Access Gateway used for external access.

During the initial SF build, we configured and tested the Receiver for Web on the server, configured the needed VIP for the SF (not in use yet), and generally got the environment prepared for more testing. Other projects reared their heads temporarily, but I picked the testing back up. I modified the URL for my Receiver 3.4 CU2 Enterprise to point at the SF for testing. The SF icons would not appear, and nothing was working. A quick call to Citrix, and I found out that you need to put in a full path to a URL that does not exist directly in the IIS path on the SF server. It turns out that enabling Legacy support creates a virtual path that is embedded in the compiled code for all of the stores. By taking the store path, and tacking on /pnagent/config.xml will provide the needed configuration file.

Now, the icons appeared, but the apps simply would not launch. The connections kept failing with 1030 errors. I ran through several testing scenarios, and a very long call with Citrix. I came up with some important facts.

1. Receiver 4.1 would not launch the applications correctly from StoreFront, but launched perfectly from Web Interface.
2. Receiver 3.4 would not launch the applications correctly from StoreFront, but launched perfectly from Web Interface.
3. Receiver 3.4 Enterprise would not launch the applications correctly from StoreFront, but launched perfectly from Web Interface.

Ultimately, we turned on ICA logging* (see below) and compared the ICA files being generated. At first glance, the ICA files were identical except for items that should be different (like Session keys, session reference ID’s etc.) — all of the “key” items were correct. We ran the tests multiple times, but on a line by line comparison, one thing really stood out. There was a reference to the Proxy server being set to Automatic with the Receiver 4.1. That flagged a major note for me.. We have an authenticated proxy that in our WI environment requires us to set it for proxy as Client-defined, instead of the default automatic. I mentioned this to the folks at Citrix, and it turns out there is *not* a GUI entry for the proxy settings in SF 2.1 (and prior). Citrix was able to turn up an article () that specifically mentions setting the proxy in the default.ica file in a SF 1.2 server for a completely unrelated situation. However, on a guess, we tried setting it, and there it was… the applications launched correctly from SF with the 3.4 Receiver Enterprise. I will not be surprised if Citrix generates another article based on this.

The default.ica file lives in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\citrix\{storename}\app_data\ directory.
The line you would add is ProxyType=None in both the [WFClient] and [Application] sections. (Also, be aware, there are also directories for c:\inetpub\wwwroot\citrix\{storenameweb}\. There is no default.ica directory in the location, and there should not be.

*For ICA logging, there are a couple of registry entries to set:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\ICA Client\Engine\Configuration\Advanced\Modules\Logging
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\ICA Client\Engine\Configuration\Advanced\Modules\Logging

Be sure to precreate the directory for the log path. No reboot it is required.. the logging takes effect immediately.

David F.

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