Citrix eDocs.. the bane of my existence as a Citrix admin

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Citrix

It’s  been a rough few weeks dealing with Citrix eDocs as I configure my storefront setup.  I’ve been working with Citrix since the WinFrame days when the knowledgebase was a Lotus Notes database.  In those days, it was not overly difficult to find information in the database.  These days however, it is difficult to find information, and occasionally when you do, it is just wrong.   While you can start with the builtin engine; these days I find it much easier to use a major search engine like Google or Bing to locate the information I need.

In my first example, I’m looking at the eDocs to configure a command line install for Receiver 3.4 Enterprise (CU3 version in specific).  The page link is  If you try to locate it through the builtin feature, it’s difficult to locate. If you start with a seemingly straightforward set of words.. ‘receiver 3.4 enterprise command line switches’ You’d think this would turn up something easily.  But if you look at the screenshot, it’s not even on the first page?

Citrix Search Engine Results

But, when you look at the Google results, it’s actually the number 2 result with the same set of search terms (literally a copy & paste).

I found my article, and started testing out my scripts.  Seemed easy enough to start with.. But, I started digging in and creating my install script, and it seemed to work, but none of the shortcuts appeared in the start menu.   I ended up on the phone with Citrix trying to diagnose what had happened?  They had me uninstall the Receiver and reinstall it multiple times, using the Receiver Cleanup utility in between each round (Cleanup Utility –  It turns out that the eDocs were in fact, wrong.  The offending section is here:

According to the eDocs, the store requires a URL using the subdirectory of /resources/v1.  The actual URL required actually ends in /pnagent/config.xml.  I have not really spent any time with StoreFront 1.x, so it’s possible that it used to be the correct path?  If that was the case, then it should actually refer to which version the URL is for.  However, this is presented as the current documentation.  And if *that* is the case, then it should include both the v1.x and v2.x URL’s and indicate that information.  However, it does not.  The Citrix technician agreed with me, and has submitted an internal item to try and get that changed.

My second big issue (recent) had to do with a reference to the PvD disk size when used with PVS.  This one might be wrong?   I am fairly unfamiliar with PvD beyond the concepts & theory.  However, there is a specific reference in the eDocs ( saying that “The PvD size should always be larger than the PVS write cache disk (otherwise PVS might erroneously pick the PvD disk for use as its write cache).”  Ummm.. what??  That made *no* sense to me. I reasoned this out, and I believe this one to be wrong.  My reasoning is pretty straightforward — when you use PVS (assuming you are cache on device’s hard drive), my understanding is that it chooses the largest available free space on a locally attached drive to create the disk cache.  So.. if you have a larger PVD drive, then I would think that PVS would deliberately choose that drive, which in theory could lead to a quicker crash on the VM.  If your PvD drive is smaller, then there is a very good chance the free space will be a lot smaller. I mentioned it to Citrix with my previous issue as an “out of curiosity” item.. and they believed I was probably correct.  I can’t imagine any scenario where that statement makes sense?

These are just 2 examples of the staggering flaws I have found with eDocs.  No matter how much the Citrix field SE’s try to sell me on this reference, I firmly believe that the eDocs need a complete teardown and rebuild.  I haven’t even touched on the Table of Contents/Navigation tree 😉  Don’t get me wrong, I love Citrix’ technology (despite the fact that they seem to be working more and more like older Microsoft – shove it out the door and fix it later).  I firmly believe Citrix can get this fixed.. and like the Nike commercials.. they need to ‘Just do it’.


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