Another interesting wrinkle for Receiver 4.1

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Citrix

A coworker of mine mentioned something to me that I found very interesting.  He had loaded up Windows 8.1 on his laptop, and he noticed that when he connected to Citrix, his screen looked ‘off’.   He dug in and found that the resolution was substantially lower than it should have been.  His laptop runs a 1920×1080 resolution.  He was running RDP through that ICA connection, and he was getting a 1536×864 resolution.  That was definitely odd..

I checked to see what he had one, and he had downloaded the 4.1 Receiver from Citrix’ website, and hadn’t used my install script.  But, that’s not a big deal.  He has 2 hard drives, and the 2nd one has Windows 7 installed on it.  He had put the same copy of the Receiver on that install, and when he had connected on the Windows 7 system, he was getting his full resolution.  He swapped the drives back and got the exact same results. 

With that, I started to dig into it to see what was happening.  Since I am working on another project with Windows 8.1, I was able to go and try it.  I tried it with the “regular” 4.1 client and the brand new client.  (This new version is due to be released any day, it contains a number of fixes).  I called Citrix to see if this was a known issue, and it was not.  The tech on the line started digging into it, and he was able to reproduce the situation on his lab machine.  I ran through a series of connectivity tests with both my XenDesktop 5.6 farm and XenApp 6.5 farm.

Both connectivity sets got the same results..

  • With Web Interface 5.4 set on Fullscreen – the published desktop would take the full screen, but the resolution was the 1536×864.
  • With Web Interface set on 100% of screensize – the published desktop showed up filling up the available space other than the Windows 8.1 taskbar in a window
  • With Web Interface set on Seamless – as listed above, the screen would show up at that resolution, but with a titlebar, without sidebars, and with the Windows 8.1 taskbar.
  • With Web Interface set on Custom with 1920×1080, I got 2 different results.
    • XenDesktop – the session launched at 1920×1080, but filled up the screen room other than the Windows 8.1 taskbar.  But it was a windowed session with scrollbars.  You could view the entire screen by scrolling around the screen.
    • XenApp – the session launched in a window with the Windows 8.1 taskbar with scrollbars. It then promptly resized itself to the available screen real estate, again with the Windows 8.1 taskbar, and the resolution back at the 1536×864.   

The interesting part was seeing the multiple launches with different physical resolutions, still showed with the same resolution in the Citrix server. The graphics were not clear.. they definitely looked a little on the fuzzy side.  I did the same tests with different hardware (same graphical resolution) and got the exact same results.  

I’ve turned this information over to Citrix, and I expect to hear back next week on this.  But, as of now.. that combination of Windows 8.1 and Receiver 4.1 does not seem to want to connect at the correct resolution.  I’ll post more when I have updates. 



  1. Bill says:

    I am having the same issue and it is infuriating, Any word?? I noticed if I use the Windows Shop and download thru there (I think it is the 8.1/RT version) the resolution is fine but I have all kinds of trouble with my mouse buttons – left click duplicates and such. So I dont think theyve worked out the kinks in that either. I also attempted to download previous versions from their website (went back to version 3.3) and still had the fuzzy non-1920 version.

    So I am left with 2 less than adequate options.

    Thanks, looking forward to their response

    • We are currently using the 3.4 Cumulative Update 3 and I have not had this resolution problem. The only thing real correlation was the upgrade from 8.0 -> 8.1 worked properly, while the native 8.1 install did not. I am curious if anyone else can correlate this? I’m expecting a call back from Citrix tomorrow, and I’ll be happy to report the results.

      David F.

      • Bill says:

        Mine is indeed a native 8.1 install. Brand new laptop. Thanks, will check back for their response.

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